First Global Collaboration on Traumatic Stress (GC-TS) Conference

First Global Collaboration on Traumatic Stress (GC-TS) Conference

12 dec 2023 - 14 dec 2023

Vineyard Hotel and Conference Centre

Global Collaboration on Traumatic Stress är ett relativt nybildat nätverk inom fältet. De anordnar nu en konferens i Sydafrika 12-14 december 2023. Läs mera nedan och på deras webbsida.


Advancing knowledge and collaborations

The conference will cover all GC-TS themes, including (cross-cultural) assessment, prevention and treatment of traumatic stress, and will feature renowned international speakers such as Prof. Dr. Debra Kaysen, Prof. Dr. Monique Pfalz, Dr. Rachel Langevin, Prof. Dr. Denise Hien, Prof. Dr. Ulrich Schnyder and Prof. Dr. Miranda Olff, as well as speakers from the region.

We explicitly invite both international participants as well as South-Africans and others from the region in the spirit of connecting and collaborating on topics of global importance.

There will be ample time for networking, for cross-cultural learnings, for discussion on key topics in psychotraumatology and we will create opportunities for local-global research partnerships.

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